What is SINC32+ (SINC32plus)

SINC32+ is designed to be a free scheduling utility for the Win32 environment. It is based on SINC (sinc.sf.net) from SourceForge, with additional functionality and flexibility.

SINC32+ supports standard crontab format with extension to support Win32 environment. See README.txt for details. For how SINC32+ operates, please see the online HELP documentation.

In a nutshell, the main purpose of SINC32+ project is to build a simpler, smaller, and better scheduling utility for Win32 environment.

Operating Environment & Project Settings

Development Status: Beta
Environment: Win32 (MS Windows)
Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop, System
Administrators T. David Wong (<wong>)
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Natural Language: English
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Programming Language: C/C++
Topic: Scheduling, System
Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Japan Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Japan
Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Japan


For up-to-date changes, please see HISTORY.txt.

07-25-2007: No software update. Just upload one of my photo taken in this year's 13-day Japan trip.

08-06-2006: 0.55b released. Minor user-interface enhancement.

01-01-2006: 0.54G released. A little bit more enhancement on environment varialble handling.

12-31-2005: 0.54e released. Just in time for 2005 8-)

02-20-2005: 0.52h released. There are two major upgrades,

02-01-2005: 0.49 released. One-time command now must also match time criteria.

12-30-2004: 0.48c released. Maintenance release. Fixed a minor bug in line extension handling.

12-30-2004: 0.48b released. More line extensions are added. Upgrade to this version is highly recommended if your crontab uses command line extension(s).

11-29-2004: 0.46k released. Global extensions are finally enabled.

11-21-2004: 0.44 released. Added new line extension which enable SINC32+ to (try to) termniate the process after specified period.

08-07-2004: 0.34e released. Console window can now be disabled (and restarted if wanted).

06-22-2004: 0.32C released. Now SINC32+ has a nice-looking ABOUTBOX.

06-21-2004: 0.31e released. Major features that I wanted which are missing from SINC are in place. Next step is to polish the program and probably add more features.

06-19-2004: 0.30a released. More features have been added. First source code package made available.

06-15-2004: First executable release (v0.22) uploaded to SourceForge.

06-14-2004: Project approved by SourceForge.


   running    menu1    menu2
Sinc32+ up and running basic menu configuration menu


Download is available at Sourceforge.

SourceForge Logo SINC32+ is proud to be hosted by Source Forge!